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 The starting point for the development of each new product is composed of two factors: the basic principles of good nutrition and the ingredients with a balanced supply of nutrients.

For Herbalife products only we choose ingredients whose properties are scientifically proven.
 For this we are sure to offer you the best there is for you.
Of our products you can trust
Herbalife products are fruit of the best scientific research
What is on the label is in the product
Consumers can be sure that the product you use contains exactly the ingredients on the label.
We know where our ingredients come
Our ingredients come from certain suppliers that meet our rigid specifications; the purity of all ingredients is then controlled in our advanced laboratories.
Distribution Herbalife independent distributor capillary way in the world distribution of nutritional products Herbalife bringing our distribution professionalism To view the prices of our products registered FREE to the site and make your online purchases conveniently immediate TRANSPORT FREE shipments.
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 The replacement of the meal to be consumed on any occasion

The meal replacements are complete and balanced meals based on what are the nutritional needs of the organism. The meal replacements are low-calorie and allow you to significantly reduce your intake of calories of a meal. A just weight loss is not achieved by fasting or skipping meals, but with a reduction of calories every day, that is, through a balanced low-calorie diet. The meal replacements are so comfortable, suitable to be consumed on any occasion, but especially useful for weight loss!



By buying dell'I.B.P. International Business Pack you receive at your home the Nutritional Kit Base and Your Personal Identification Number that allows you to order products directly to Herbalife , without intermediaries, saving 25% now, and then, as you build up your purchases (too small) the year the discount can reach 35% to 42%, up to the maximum 50% discount.


The Targeted Nutrition range makes staying on top of your health easier by giving your body the specific targeted nutritional support it needs.